The American Dream

Joe and Shane met 20 years ago at an electric car trade show, and they've been working together ever since. What started out as a business partnership quickly turned into a friendship.

In 2008, in the spirit of the American Dream, Joe and Shane opened the first Gold Guys store located in the Mall of America in Minnesota. In the early days, Joe would take the morning shift and Shane would cover the late shift. They were just two guys trying to make it work. But once they started seeing their customers' surprised and happy faces, they knew they had something special. Joe and Shane are the Gold Guys. And they're the guys you can trust to give you more when you sell your gold and other precious metals.

We want you to get to know the Gold Guys.

Image of Joe from the Gold Guys.


Joe Beasy is a seasoned entrepreneurial executive with an exceptional ability to problem solve by using creative and analytical points of view. Learn More »

Image of Shane from the Gold Guys.


A gutsy Kiwi from New Zealand, Shane Maguire landed on the shores of Liberty twenty-five years ago to seek the American Dream. Learn More »