Pocket Change-Silver Coins

Alex in Maple Grove, MN
Alex in Maple Grove, MN

Did you know those silver coins you have in your pocket could be worth more than their face value?


One thing we love most at the Gold Guys is being able to educate our clients. So, let’s breakdown some information. Shall we? 

 Here’s what to look for when you’re sorting coins yourself:

1) Any coin that is pre-1965. This means dimes, quarters, half dollars, and dollars only. Once you have nickels and pennies out of the way, it’s time to sort through the rest of your coins. Find anything dated prior to 1965 and put those in a separate pile, or jar. These coins contain 90% silver!

2) 1965-1969 dollars and Kennedy half dollars have a 40% silver content.

3) 1971-1974 dollars with a “s” mintage mark also have 40% silver content.

4)The US mint sells “proof” coin sets. Proof coin sets are: dimes, quarters, halves and silver dollars that contain an, “s” mint mark directly under the face of the coin; which can indicate the proof is 40% silver.

Pre-65 coins

Now that you know how simple the process is, don’t you wish you’d learned these things earlier, so you could have started checking dates long ago?! It’s okay, now that you’re more savvy you’ll know what to be looking for!! If for any reason you’re unsure, or just don’t feel like going through all of those coins, just bring them into the nearest Gold Guys location and let us do the busy work for you! All of our staff have an extra appreciation and understanding for coins, and all of our stores have remarkably detailed coin books that aid us in verifying the precious metal content of not only U.S. coins, but foreign coins as well. So get busy!! Happy hunting and we hope to see you soon with the fruits of your labor!