Six Reasons Gold is Preferred Currency

Gold Guys copyBeyond gold’s appeal for making beautiful jewelry, why is it used in creating currency?  

  1. Things that are beautiful and rare naturally become valuable to us over time.
  2. The asset that was most precious to humans became a means of payment for goods.  This is because it efficiently concentrates the highest possible value in a limited space and is easily transferable.
  3. Gold cannot be replicated. It can not be artificially created by man.  
  4. Gold is indestructible! It is impervious to damage from other elements and it never looses it’s glimmering beauty.   
  5. Gold is far more rare than most people might think.  If every single ounce of gold ever mined were made into a cube, it would measure only 20 meters (sixty-eight feet) square!
  6. The amount of gold mined annually is approximately only 2,500 metric tons, making it one of the rarest metals mined by man.

Gold GuysOut of all 118 elements on the periodic table,  gold was chosen as the preferred form of currency.

  • Gold has remained the preferred “safe haven” for governments, investors and traders alike.  
  • People purchase gold in mass quantities during times of economic uncertainty.

Many people fail to understand that gold has REAL value attached to it.