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Sell gold and silver coins with the Gold Guys! If your coins or bullion aren’t in the greatest of condition it’s still okay to bring them into a Gold Guys location or use our Mail-in Service. Just fill out the quick form online and we’ll provide you with the kit to send back to us!

The Gold Guys accept ingots from popular refineries such as Johnson-Matthey, Engelhard, Pamp Suisse, Perth Mint, Sunshine Minting, Pan Am, APMEX and Credit Suisse along with other precious metal coins.


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The Gold Guys will purchase gold, silver, platinum, palladium, rhodium bars and ingots officially minted for purpose of investment. Bullion value is determined by the type and weight of the metal and traded on commodity markets.

The ingots we buy include the following refineries but are not limited to: Johnson-­‐Matthey, Engelhard, Pamp Suisse, Perth Mint, Sunshine Minting, Pan Am, APMEX, Credit Suisse.

Precious Metal Coins

Coins of precious metals (Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium, Rhodium) officially minted for purpose of investment. Bullion value is determined by the type and weight of the metal and traded on commodity markets.

The coins we buy include the following but are not limited to: American Eagles, Canadian Maple Leaves, Austrian Phillharmonics, Australian Golden Nuggets, Mexican Pesos and Onzas, South African Kruggerands, Great Britain Crowns and Sovereigns, French and Swiss Francs, Chinese Pandas, Italian lire, and Isle of Man Crowns.

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Pre 1965 Us Silver Coins

  • Dimes: Seated Liberty – Barber – Mercury – Roosevelt
  • Quarters: Seated Liberty – Barber – Standing Liberty – Washington
  • Halves: Seated Liberty – Barber – Walking Liberty – Franklin – Kennedy
  • Dollars: Morgan – Peace

Some coins up until 1974 were minted with 40% silver. (Clad)

  • Halves: Kennedy 1965-1970
  • Bicentennial Coins: Quarters – Havles – Dollars
  • Eisenhower: 1971-1974 “S” Marking

Foreign Silver Coins

Although no longer in circulation, you may have silver coins from abroad that date back before 1970 that are worth more than the face value. Canadian coins, for example, dating before 1968 range from 50-92.5% pure silver.

We make selling your old, damaged jewelry, precious metals, diamonds and gold and silver coins easy. When you visit one of our stores, you’ll be greeted by our professional staff. They will guide you through the process, explaining how they test your metals and how we calculate your items value. No pressure. You are in control of your transaction from start to finish. If you choose to sell your items you will receive a check on the spot.

Stop by any of our Gold Guys stores and sell your gold coins, sell silver coins and more. We have seven convenient locations around the country, in Minnesota and California.

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From the very first email to Joe to walking into their store I felt comfortable and at ease. Never once did I feel doubtful of their honesty or experience and through the whole experience I laughed and felt like a long time friend – I also wanted to thank Nick who helped make this transaction most pleasant and Kim as well .. Awesome people and definitely will recommend and return again!! Most friendliest and professional business I’ve been to!!


I would like Upper Management to know what an EXCELLENT experience selling our gold both 2 months ago and yesterday at your Westside Pavilion location has been. Dorothy Huey provides exemplary service, as does Anthony Corrado, store manager, and is of high value to you as employees. Courteousness, attention to detail, politeness, professionalism, and explanations of what they were doing made me a loyal customer who will continue to refer others to your organization. Thank you very much.

Rich L.

I went to your Woodbury location yesterday. Your service rep, Rochelle, was extremely friendly and helpful. She immediately made me feel welcomed and was able to quickly calculate the value of my gold. She took a personal interest in ME with an engaging conversation. I also witnessed her very respectful behavior towards a sales rep that entered the store, looking for someone else. The overall experience was great. I’m looking for MORE gold and am telling others to do the same!!!

Roxanne R
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