The Gold Guys Win First Minnesota’s Best Award

The Gold Guys are honored to have won a Bronze placement for ‘gold and rare coins’ this year. This is our first MN Best Award and it is a great accomplishment. We take pride in offering quality service to our community. A big thank you goes out to all of our supporters who nominated and voted for us. We could not have done it without you!

What is Minnesota’s Best?

The Star Tribune’s Minnesota Best recognizes the best businesses in Minnesota from over 390 different categories. From the best barbershop to the best brewery, there’s a category for everyone and every type of business.

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What is Britannia Silver?

Britannia silver is a type of silver that is used for making coins, flatware, and other objects. It is an alloy of silver that contains at least 95.84% pure silver. The rest of the alloy usually consists of copper, which gives the metal its strength and durability.

Britannia silver was first introduced in England in the early 18th century and quickly became popular for its beauty and durability. It remained the standard for silver coins until the late 20th century when the composition was changed to sterling silver. Britannia silver is still used today for making high-quality flatware, coins, and other objects.

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Mining in Minnesota: Gold, Taconite, and More

MN mining has a long history, beginning with the native peoples of Minnesota. The first European settlers to arrive in Minnesota found native people already mining the area’s iron ore.

Today, taconite mining is a major industry in Minnesota, responsible for $3 billion in annual sales and thousands of jobs. In 2016, the state of Minnesota approved a new 20-year lease for the state’s largest taconite mine, owned by Cleveland-Cliffs. However, taconite is not all that has been mined in MN.

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Why and How Does Silver Tarnish?

When you purchase a fine silver item or a piece of jewelry, you expect it to be an investment that stands the test of time. Silver, a popular and budget-friendly option when compared to platinum or white gold, is a go-to jewelry metal for when you want a glamourous piece that doesn’t break the bank.

However, as is the case with all metals, silver tarnishes, sometimes faster than you’d expect it to. Tarnishing is not exclusive to low purity silver–even sterling silver will tarnish. Let’s explore why silver items tarnish and how you can slow down the process, clean your silver, or get tarnished silver off your hands.

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