A history of diamonds

The diamond is and always has been one of the most cherished items in our world’s existence. Apart from being a breathtakingly beautiful and naturally occurring stone, diamonds have also come to serve as an undying symbol of love and commitment.

The path diamonds have taken to reach their current modern state has been one of great interest, from its role in ancient eastern trade routes to its expansion into the present-day jewelry landscape. Here is a closer look at the history of diamonds that has helped make it one of the world’s most beloved jewels for thousands of years.

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13 gold and jewelry terms to know

Selling jewelry and gold can always be a great way to turn old, tucked-away items into cash – especially when the price of gold is as high as it is right now. But before getting involved in the market, it can be helpful to understand exactly what you’re getting into from a selling perspective.

Here are 13 key gold and jewelry terms to know to help educate yourself.

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Pawning gold and jewelry vs. Selling gold and jewelry

Because the price of gold is higher now than it has been in years, many people are looking for the best possible way to turn their gold and other precious metals into cash.

When it comes to making quick cash, many people turn to pawnshops as a means of turning their gold, jewelry, and other items into money. On the other hand, many prefer to sell their items outright to get the process over with quickly and to walk away with cash in their hand. But which is better – pawning or selling?

Jewelry has a high retail markup compared to an item’s actual market/secondary value. Here is a breakdown of the key differences between pawning and selling to help determine which can produce the best value for your gold, jewelry, and other precious metals.

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What to expect when selling a diamond

Selling diamond jewelry can be an extremely frustrating and overwhelming process. First and foremost, the item up for sale is most often a wedding ring or engagement setting, which can bring with it its own emotional challenges and difficulties.

Second, most people selling a diamond expect to receive a great price in return – at least, a price fairly close to the one they originally paid. This is rarely the case, however, and can result in dissatisfaction and added frustration for the seller.

To further complicate matters, it is difficult to know if the price you’re being offered is good and fair – or how to go about finding a good price in the first place.

Here is a breakdown of what you should expect when selling a diamond and how you can go about making sure you receive the best possible price.

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