Why is Gold Valuable?

Economies across the globe have always held gold in high regard. Even though gold mining did not have workplace technologies and the safety regulations modern companies have, they were still present in the majority of countries before the advent of flight or sailing. Throughout the ages, pirates, monarchs, and merchants have always been on the lookout for the next gold score they could attain.

Although some materials today are more valuable than gold, nothing can beat out gold in prestige, versatility, and aesthetic value–and its number of industrial uses. If there are materials that are technically more valuable, why is gold held in such high regard?

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Is Gold Magnetic?

Gold is a metal that is found in nature. It is one of the most valuable metals in the world because it doesn’t corrode, and it has a very low reactivity to other elements. Gold also has a very low melting point, meaning it can be turned into a liquid relatively easily.

One of the most common questions about gold is whether it is magnetic or not.

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Are Olympic Medals Solid Gold?

Dozens of Olympic athletes took the podium to receive gold, silver, and bronze medals in the Beijing Winter Olympics last month.

Olympic medals are an iconic part of the events, but what are they actually made out of? How much do they weigh? What are they worth from a precious metals standpoint? Read on for some insight into what Olympic medals are composed of as well as what made the Beijing medals unique.

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Carat VS. Karat

The short answer is that both are correct. They are both measurements used in the world of jewelry and while they have the same pronunciation, they are spelled differently and measure two completely different things.

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Is Welsh Gold More Valuable?

Wales is known for its dramatic scenery–steeped in mystery and romance. It is covered in majestic heather-clad hills cut by cascading waterfalls and mountain streams that rush through gladed valleys.

Yet, beneath the quartzite exterior, there is another treasure–as valuable as it is beautiful. Perhaps you have heard that there is gold in them thar (Welsh) hills, but did you know that Welsh gold has decorated the finger of every royal bride dating back to the Queen Mother’s wedding in 1923? What is it about Welsh gold that makes it the top choice for Britain’s monarchy?

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