Significance of the Queen’s Beasts Coin Collection

On September 9th, 2015, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II surpassed the reign of her illustrious great-great-grandmother, Queen Victoria, to become Britain’s longest-reigning monarch. To honor this remarkable achievement and commemorate Elizabeth’s 60-plus years as ruler of the United Kingdom, The Royal Mint announced their magnificent “Queen’s Beasts Collection” in early 2016–a unique celebration for an unparalleled legacy!

The Queen’s Beasts have been a royal tradition since 1953, when ten statues were placed outside Westminster Abbey for the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. Now, these majestic creatures have been made into some of Britain’s most eye-catching coins. The Royal Mint has issued gold and silver coins featuring each of the ten Beasts since 2016. Each coin features a stylized version of one of the heraldic Beasts and is minted using British gold for an extra touch of luxury.

Coins Designed by Engraver Jody Clark

The Royal Mint appointed Jody Clark, a member of their design team and renowned for his effigy of Her Majesty on her fifth definitive coinage portrait, to engrave the Queen’s Beasts series. He is in an unusual position by having two sides of coins crafted from his designs in this collection.

Common Obverse

The obverse (front) designs feature the fifth portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, and each Reverse (back) design features a different Beast. These British gold coins are perfect for coin collectors or anyone looking to commemorate British tradition through physical currency. Investing in British gold Queen’s Beasts coins is an excellent way to honor the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II while also gaining a valuable asset.

Reverse Design on the Queen’s Beasts

The Royal Mint has truly outdone itself with the British gold Queen’s Beasts coins. The reverse designs feature highly detailed, beautiful beasts that symbolize British heritage and tradition. From the lion to the dragon, these coins are sure to be a hit with anyone looking for an investment opportunity or a unique keepsake.

The Lion of England

In March 2016, the Royal Mint of England debuted its first in a series of coins: The Lion of England. This impressive collection known as the Queen’s Beasts is now highly sought after by collectors everywhere. Other coins in the collection include:

  • The Griffin of Edward III: released in 2017
  • Red Dragon of Wales: released in 2017
  • Black Bull of Clarence: released in 2018

Obverse: Commencing with its fourth issue, the obverse surface of these bullion coins was modified from a stucco-like pattern to an impressive arrangement of numerous small diamonds.

  • Unicorn of Scotland: released in 2018
  • Yale of Beaufort: released in 2019
  • Falcon of Planagenets: released in 2019
  • White Lion of Mortimer: released in 2020
  • White Horse of Hanover: released in 2020
  • White Greyhound of Richmond: released in 2021

The Completer Coin

The “Completer Coin” is a one-of-a-kind collectible that unites the ten Queen’s Beasts on one coin. Released in April of 2021, it is available in non-bullion versions, each with an accompanying booklet filled to the brim with information about their incredible historical and symbolic meanings.

The coin was introduced in 2kg and 10kg gold versions, both featuring the popular Queen’s Beasts designs. This commemoration of the series does not include several versions that are actually part of the series, such as 1/4oz gold in both proof and bullion formats.

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